The General Health

General HealthThe General Health: Health is the level of metabolic efficiency or level of functionality of any living organism. In people, health is the level of functionality and ability of people to adapt themselves and managing themselves when they face mental, physical and social challenges.

Individual lives are crucial for human beings for their general health status and the quality of life. The improvement of health is not only through the advances of social sciences, but they are through putting efforts and having intelligent lifestyle choices of the individual and the society as a whole.

According to World Health Organization, the most popular health determinants includes the social and economic environment, physical environment, and behavior of an individual and characteristics.

The following factors have been known to influence whether individuals are either healthy or unhealthy. They include income and social status, education and literacy level, the social support networks, social environment, working conditions, the physical environments, gender, culture, healthy child development and many others.

The environment, cited as an important factor that influences the health status of an individual includes the characteristics of the built environment, the natural environment, and the social environment. There are factors such as air, clean water, ample housing, safe communities and good roads contributes to good health especially ones of young children. The lack of good neighborhood recreational spaces such as natural environment led to reduced level of personal satisfaction and increased the level of obesity, which is linked to reduced overall health and wellbeing.

The positive health benefits of pure natural space and environment play an important role in public policies and the usage of land.

The genetic and the other inherited traits from the parents plays an important role in the determination of health status of an individual, and the population as a whole. These includes the predisposition to some diseases, health conditions, habits and behaviors of individuals that are developed through the lifestyle of their families. A good example here is the genetic setup of an individual plays a major role in which people cope up with stress that includes, mental, physical and emotional. A good example is obesity that plays a major role in contributing to mental health that causes stress in most people.


is another health issue that causes death, or they contribute to other health problems. They mostly affect young children who are under the age of five mostly. Many children die from malnutrition that is brought about by lacking money to buy and making food.

Another issue relating to health is bodily injuries

They include fracture, broken bones, and burns. These can reduce the quality of life as a person. They cause fatality such as infections that resulted from injuries in general.

Another factors that contribute to poor health is the choices and lifestyles. They commonly include the smoking of cigarettes which kills a lot of people yearly. They also include poor diet, which can be overeating or taking an unconstructive diet.

Another factor contributing to poor health is inactivity and lack of good sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol and the neglect of overall oral hygiene.

Another important aspect of health is the mental health. This is a state of wellbeing in people who realize their mental capabilities, working fruitfully and productive, and coping up with the normal stress of life.

Mental Illness

is the cognitive, behavioral conditions, and emotional behavior that interferes with emotional and social wellbeing, the lives and productivity of people’s. Mental illness can greatly impair either temporarily or permanently the functioning of a person.

In conclusion, for a better health generally is good for happiness in life. It is good to get outside to exercise, taking care of the eyes, to take a lot of water, going for vacations, taking non-alcoholic drinks, and having enough sleep.